Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surgery done

Praise the Lord! Madeline made it through the surgery. The surgeons and cardiologists were happy with the results and said everything went well. Madeline is now in a new room in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (or CICU or Kick You). Praise the Lord for he is good and faithful and attentive to our prayers. Thank you for all who prayed with us and all who were with us in mind and heart.

No sooner can I rejoice for Madeline’s sake then my heart is burdened for a family in the hallway. They have been crying for the last hour. Their son Austin has just had his second heart transplant in 3 days, the first one did not work. During this surgery, blood flow to the brain was interrupted and although the surgery is done he has yet to regain normal brain activity. Things do not look good for Austin. Please pray for God’s healing power in Austin. Please pray that the Great Comforter would come and comfort his family and that His holy spirit would be with them.

God is Good! As we were circled in prayer praising God and praying for Madeline’s recovery, we began to pray for Austin and his family as well. When we opened our eyes, our circle had grown. “Hi, our son’s name is Michael – he’s in surgery, can you pray for him too?” And so we continued praying. That family looked familiar, they had visited our church last month. Michael has just finished his surgery. It went well, praise the Lord.

The doctors have warned us that Madeline will be very sick for the next 2 days and it will be a rocky road. Please continue to pray for Madeline as she recovers. For now, she sleeps peacefully in her new bed, trying to breath above the ventilator. Amen. And Amen

Shanker & Lisa

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