Saturday, September 4, 2010

Answers and Waiting

Hello friends,

Well, some answered prayers, some optimism, and still a lot more waiting. The report we got from the cardiology meeting (I was told there were over 30 docs at the meeting this morning) seemed a little more optimistic. The room is still divided and the only decision they have made so far is that they need a Cardiac MRI to make any decisions. That is scheduled for some time tomorrow. In a best case scenario it sounds like they want Madeline to fight off her lung infection, remain stable, feed and gain weight. Hopefully she could come off her respirator at some point. Once she reaches 7lbs, they might attempt to do any necessary repairs to the heart in one single surgery (doesn’t that sound optimistic?), although, keep in mind, no one has really decided that that would be the case. This is all something we just have to keep praying for. I pray and hope that she makes it because it gives her heart more time to develop and possibly show the surgeons that it is functioning and healthy and doesn’t need any risky surgery.

We met with the geneticist today, he said that there were no glaring genetic syndromes that come to the surface so far. We are still waiting on the DNA test to get finished. Madeline just got another x-ray, followed immediately by more ultrasounds of her kidneys and brain. She doesn’t tolerate people messing with her too well, her stats kind of go all over the place until they’re done and then she eventually calms back down.

The X-ray just came back, her breathing tube has shifted some and her pulmonary edema (inflammation and wetness of the lungs) seems to have gotten worse. This could be related to her infection, blood flow, or it could just be what happens when Madeline gets all ruffled up – I tell you, she doesn’t like being moved around and tested. A day in the life of a patient in the NICU – I pray for all dads and moms who have to deal with this.

Thanks again for all the prayer and support. How can anyone possibly go through this without God and you all? Thanks to all the people I haven’t even met who are praying for us and encouraging us. It is deeply and powerfully felt here. God has been so good to us through all of this, His peace resides with us here at the hospital and with Madeline. It’s amazing to see her stats all over the place and begin to pray over her and watch the numbers come back down to normal as we pray. It’s amazing to see and hear about so many people praying to God for our baby girl. That’s the first miracle.

Grace, Peace, and lots of love,
Shanker & Lisa.

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