Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear friends,

Just wanted to update you on Madeline. She has been doing good and has been stable the last few days. Earlier today her belly was distended and she vomited so they stopped her feedings for a bit to do some xrays. They think she just had some gas bubbles and gave her a laxative to help things along. They have started her feedings again slowly. If all goes well we’re hoping to be back in the NICU by the end of the week.

Today continues to remind me how fragile we are, especially small children. Austin passed away last night. A couple of days ago they had moved him into the room that Aaron was in, across the hall from our room. I wonder why God puts them there, is it so we can be constantly reminded to pray for them? His family was really distraught yesterday morning and we were praying for them a lot throughout the day. He had a lot of visitors here yesterday afternoon and evening and his family really seemed to be more at peace as the day went on. Praise God. Please continue to keep that family in your prayers.

We got locked out of the CICU for a bit this evening, they close it up for 45 minutes while the nurse/doctor shift changes. We waited with another family in the lobby watching AFV (does anyone else think this is the funniest show on TV??). At 7:45 we all headed down the long hallway to find that the CICU was completely closed down to make it sterile (this usually means some surgical procedure is happening in the CICU). As we waited, they told us about their son Anthony who is 5 weeks old. He had surgery on Monday to get a pacemaker and was not doing so good after the surgery. While we were waiting, his dad picked up the phone to call CICU to check up on his son. When he mentioned his son’s name he was put on hold. His mother softly and slowly began to cry, her mother trying to console her. Finally dad got the word, they were working on Anthony. They were trying to establish a central line (an IV line that goes up the arm and ends near the heart) so they can be more effective with medications for him. Seems all is well for Anthony at the moment. Please pray for him as well.

I haven’t heard anything lately from Michael’s parents Chris and Kate, seems all is well with them. Continue to pray for Michael anyways. Same goes for Dan and Danielle. I remember so vividly being on my knees with them praying. Dan straining hard to get the words out of his mouth as he asked the Lord: “don’t make me drink this cup”. There is never a shortage of reasons to pray here. If you ever come up dry in your life, hang out on the 3rd floor of Children’s Hospital, there will be plenty of people to talk to, and plenty of reasons to pray. Please keep Madeline Grace in your daily prayers as she recovers from surgery and tries to put on some weight. God Bless.

Shanker & Lisa.

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