Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 1

Dear Friends,

God is good! Madeline continues to be stable and impress the doctors. She turns 2 today (days that is). Last night at the nurse’s urging, the docs agreed to remove Madeline from the ventilator. They did move her to a CPAP (sp?) machine which is still providing oxygen but thru the little nose tubes. The machine is not actually breathing for her, just providing air pressure to help her lungs expand fully. She is doing the breathing on her own.

The ultrasounds of her kidneys and brain came back with some irregularities but nothing uncommon with a newborn this young. This is not something they are worried about at all, just something they are going to follow.

Dr Miller, a pediatric cardiologist whom we haven’t met but is partners with our cardiologist, came by yesterday to review the ultrasound and consult with the docs. We were told that he was a lot more reassured about her heart. It seems like the plan now is not to rush off to Children’s Hospital for surgery but rather to leave her here to grow and see how she develops (answered prayer!!). There is talk about maybe taking her off the drug that is keeping her extra arteries open and see if she can manage on her own.

A lot have asked about visiting. The answer is “yes please”. Please call Lisa first @ 303.550.2303, best to visit during the day until 3pm, after that Lisa needs quiet time to rest and watch all the romantic comedies I rented her from Blockbuster. Depending on when you come we may be able to take you to the NICU to see Madeline, please no kids are allowed in the NICU.

Please continue to pray – we have felt and appreciated all of your prayers. God is good and gracious to carry us through this so please thank Him for that. Madeline’s heart needs to grow, and the doctors need to see uninterrupted blood flow out from the heart to the various parts of her body, pray that doctors see that. Pray that her kidneys and brain develop normally and are not a cause for concern. Lisa is anxious to help Madeline, pray that her milk comes in soon so she can be reassured and provide that nutrition to her baby. Thanks again for your love and prayers.

In Grace,
Shanker and Lisa

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