Monday, September 13, 2010

A Heart Stopping Moment

Dear friends,

Today was a very difficult day, Madeline is now doing well and snoozing peacefully. I was feeling adventurous so I attempted and installation today.

First off, the install didn’t go as planned (they never do) and just seemed to go longer and longer as the day got shorter and shorter. The first call from Lisa was asking me if I was going to bid on a breast pump that was ending soon on ebay. The second call was to tell me that she found out that Madeline doesn’t qualify for Medicaid despite everyone telling us she did.

The third phone call was to tell me that we needed to get Madeline Growth hormone shots and it would cost somewhere around $250/month. The fourth phone call was to tell me that while changing out Madeline’s intubation tube they had a little difficulty and that Madeline went into Cardiac Arrest. Fortunately they were able to bring her back out of it and get her stabilized with the new tube in.

All of this while I am trying to install a stereo system. Makes it kind of hard, physically and emotionally. I felt like I couldn’t really leave mid-install but it was also the last place on earth I wanted to be at that moment. I wanted to cry, but being at a customer’s house didn’t seem like the place to let that happen either. All of this really wore me out. I feel really drained, and I am sure Lisa feels the same.

Before all of this started to happen, I got a text from a friend from church: “praying for you and your ladies..”. He wasn’t sure why he sent it, but felt compelled to let me know he was praying for me and the girls. Thanks, we really needed it today. Please continue to keep up in your prayers. Pray that Madeline’s glucose levels stay good. Pray that doctors can see what they need to see with her.I feel so drained from all of this and like I don’t have much to give, I don’t like it – I want to be a giver, I want to have a positive attitude - Pray for Lisa and I that God would continue to strengthen us each and every day to do His work. Also, please pray for Soundings (my work), summer is the slow time for us – pray for God to bless us with sales so that would be something I don’t have to worry about. Thanks for listening, have a good night.

Lisa & Shanker.

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