Saturday, September 4, 2010

1 week old

Hello friends,

Madeline turned 1 week today! She continues to be a mystery to everyone one. I managed to go to church this morning with Molly. Lisa went out for some much needed shopping - you girls might understand that one. Thanks again to all who are watching and playing with our kids back at home.

Madeline has developed an infection. It is either the spinal cord (life threatening), blood (life threatening), lungs (life threatening), or urinary tract/kidneys (not so life threatening). These are all treatable, but her condition really complicates things. Her platelet count is low again, if you remember they gave her a transfusion that brought them up, and now they are inching back down. This may very well have something to do with her infections. They have drawn her blood again and done a spinal tap (to get spinal fluids) for all the tests necessary to pin point the infection. We should have results in an hour or so. Any treatment for this would push off surgery at least 5 days. Maybe this gives Madeline more of a chance to grow?

As I sit here talking with Linda, I just had déjà vu. What does that mean?

So tomorrow will be a big day in her life. Doctors will have a conference, compare notes and try to put together some kind of plan for her. Please pray first for Madeline, that her infections would go away. Pray for all the docs on Monday and that they would see what they need to see and make decisions that are in accordance with God’s will. Pray for Lisa and I as we bear the news and try to make decisions as well. Continue to pray for the girls and the rest of our family who is bearing this with us.

Thank you all so much for your feedback, your prayers, and your encouragement. I am so proud of Madeline for getting so many people around the world (yes it’s true) to reach out to the Lord. I think that faith and prayer for things you have no control over will be what defines this part of her life. I have put together this video with some pictures and your comments together, please watch and share with others, and above all – please keep praying for little Madeline Grace.

Watch the video here.

In Love,
Shanker & Lisa

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