Saturday, September 4, 2010

More tests

Hello friends,

Madeline has 3 out her her 4 blood test results looking for infection back already. Her spine results are clear. Her urinary/kidneys results are clear. Lungs show some kind of infection, they now are trying to determine what it is and what best to treat it with. Blood culture should come back today. Pray for good results. They had to take a lot of blood from Madeline (that’s what it felt like to us) for these tests. Later they needed more blood for another test and the test came back with a response that there wasn’t enough of a sample. So they had to try again. I think she may be running out.

Today is a big day for Madeline. Doctors are meeting now to discuss her case and try to come up with a plan. Please pray for that meeting, pray that the doctors are able to see what God wants them to see and that they are able to make some decisions. PRAY FOR REALLY GOOD NEWS! PRAY FOR A MIRACLE! Pray for Madeline as she fights this lung infection, pray they are quickly able to figure out the right antibiotics for her. Pray for Lisa and I as we receive the news and work to understand it.

Much Love,

Shanker & Lisa

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