Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear friends,

Madeline had a rocky night last night as the doctors had predicted, there was certainly a fine balancing act with all the medications they were giving her, she had 8 syringe pumps going at the same time. The biggest problem was trying to control her blood pressure. It was fine after her surgery last night, but kept dipping real low during the night. They kept trying different things that would work for a bit, and then her blood pressure would drop again. She didn’t have any other abnormal vital signs so they began to think maybe the sensor was reading it wrong. We had a lot of doctors checking her out in the morning, doing x-rays, and more ultrasounds trying to figure out her blood pressure. Just as Madeline has done so far, she baffled them. The pressure from an artery in her foot would be around 20 (real low), but the ultrasound showed pressure in her heart in the high 60’s (good, right where they want it). The were looking all over the ultrasound for where blood might be obstructed thinking that the pressure in the top half of her body was good, but there was blockage to the lower body. Just when they think they have it pegged, they do cuff blood pressure and get a reading of 70 down the same leg where her foot is reading low, and then get a low 30’s in her arm. Finally the doctors decided she was otherwise fine and agreed to no longer pay attention to her blood pressure and to stop chasing it around. That was about the time that Madeline finally returned all of her numbers to normal. Cheeky little girl.

Today was a good day. Much slower and better than yesterday. Madeline slept most of the day, and was very well behaved. They were able to take her off some of the meds and by the afternoon had already dropped her remaining meds by over half. They are hoping to get her weaned off more of them tonight as her body can tolerate it. My brother, Lisa’s parents, Gewan and Mari and their kids, and my 3 girls came over today. We had fun playing around the hospital, joyriding in the elevators, and Alex pulled the girls around in the red wagons they have here. It was a nice change of pace from yesterday. It’s hard to believe that two, so completely different days can exist right next to each other. I still prayed a lot for Dan and Danielle today as my heart thought of them. Dan is so strong in his faith I know they will be fine, they may be hurting a lot right now, but they’ll be fine. I also saw Austin’s parents this morning and was reminded to keep praying for them. Michael did really well last night and all day today, they are hopefully moving him out of CICU in the next day or so.

Thank you all for lifting all of us up in prayer yesterday. God was good and faithful. Aaron is playing with the angels today and I know his parents will be comforted. Couldn’t have made it through yesterday without the Lord. Please continue to pray for us and Madeline Grace and all the others.

In His love,
Shanker & Lisa.

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