Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear friends,

Please stop what you’re doing, drop to your knees, and pray. Madeline has developed a heart arrhythmia this morning due to the extra blood in her lungs and the workload on her heart. The surgeon has just come by and wants to perform heart surgery on her today. He thinks that by widening the aorta, closing off the PDA, and repairing another artery, he can encourage more blood flow to the body thus reducing the flow to her lungs. This is a risky surgery and the odds of survival are less than 50% for her at this point. I have never felt the weight of a coin toss as I do now. They will go in thru her left side to make these repairs, which means if anything goes wrong they will not be able to put her on a bypass machine to save her. He doesn’t think a bypass machine would work anyways with the size of her heart and arteries.

Although this is a very high risk surgery, they don’t think her odds are going to get any better as time goes by. The xrays show her lungs getting more and more flooded day by day. We don’t know exactly when they surgery will happen, but soon. Please be praying for our little girl. And when you pray, please pray KNOWING that God hears and will respond, because He will. Pray for God’s comfort and grace to come upon us at this very hour. Continue to pray in the coming hours for strength for little Madeline Grace.

Shanker & Lisa.

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