Saturday, September 4, 2010

More prayers needed.

Dear friends,

More prayers please. Last night I found out that a friend died on Saturday. I was asked to come to lhis memorial service today. Although it really felt like another punch to the face, I am glad this happened at a time that God is already sustaining me so much. Please pray for me as I go to the memorial, pray that God would use me there to His glory.

Today Madeline has an MRI on her heart. Please pray that it goes well and that she handles everything nicely. We got a call from the Geneticist today. He wants to meet with us to go over some preliminary findings they have. This doesn’t sound good. I asked him if it was bad or good news, he said it was just news and would prefer to meet in person. He said it might help explain some of the things going on with Madeline. We will be meeting him at 5 today, please pray a lot for us, pray that it is good and helpful news. Pray for Madeline that she remains stable and begins to grow. Pray for Lisa as she continues to recover from her c-section surgery.

Shanker & Lisa

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