Saturday, September 4, 2010

4 Days Old

Dear Friends,

Last night was a bit of a doozie. Twice Madeline’s numbers for blood oxygen saturation plunged very low and then came back. The have re-intubated her and have her back on the ventilator as a precaution. Also, her platelet count which has been slowly going down had dropped of significantly overnight. They have given her a platelet infusion and will continue to monitor how she does with that. However, they were able to establish a central IV line with no bleeding (another answered prayer!!) so thanks be to God and all that prayed for that to go well.

There is still a question about whether or not all of these things are related somehow to a genetic defect. They had done a DNA test which came back normal but had sent out for another one on the off chance they had mom’s DNA and not Madeline’s. One one hand it would be nice for the test to come back and reveal something that ties all of this together, on the other hand I want the test to come back clean and I don’t want Madeline to have any genetic defects. The cardiologists are supposed to come by today and do another ultrasound on her heart and make some decisions. Also, all of this is beginning to take its toll on the other girls (Molly, Miranda, and Macy). Although they have seen mommy every day, the lack of normalcy is stressing them.

Please continue to pray for us. Pray for Madeline’s heart ultrasound today, pray that the cardiologists continue to be reassured about her heart. Pray that it is working well and that the Aortic Arch is not interrupted. Pray that Madeline’s oxygen and platelet count stabilizes again and that she can come back of the ventilator soon. Pray that Madeline’s DNA test comes back normal and that all of this is unrelated speed bumps on the road to recovery. Pray for Lisa and the family that God continues to comfort us. Pray for Shanker as he begins to think about work and how all of this is going to fit in with it. Thanks again for your grace and love and support.

Grace & Peace,

Shanker & Lisa.

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