Saturday, September 18, 2010

A couple of slow days

Dear friends,

Just a quick update on our little Madeline Grace. The last few days have been calm and good for Madeline, she has tolerated her feeds well and is now up to 4.5mL per hour (up from 1mL every 4 hours). Still, at 1 month old, Madeline continues to be a puzzle solving game as doctors are constantly checking in on her and making adjustments to her ventilator, meds, and feeds daily. God has been so good to as He reminds us daily that He is in control. Whose better hands to be in control than His.

Please pray for Madeline, her blood gas levels haven’t been too good the last couple of days and doctors and trying to solve it. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses working with her. We have had some really amazing nurses and some ok nurses, we have been trying to get our primary nurses lined up but keep not getting them and seeing new faces every few days. It adds stress to not know the people caring for your baby. Pray that this all works out and we can start to see some regular faces with our primary nurses.

Also, pray for Manuel and his baby Manuelita. Lisa met them yesterday and seems they are having a bit of a hard time. Part of it is they are from Albuquerque and staying at the hospital sleeping wherever they can sleep. Pray for Lisa and I’s involvement in helping to meet their needs whether it be food, shelter, or simply friendship. Pray for their baby’s health and recovery from surgery.

Shanker & Lisa

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