Monday, December 6, 2010

Update on Madeline Grace

Dear friends,

All is well today with Madeline, she is in the clear as far as meningitis is concerned, thank you all for your prayers about this. Madeline still has a bit of a fever but is mostly doing good. Today they took her vent tube out of her nose and moved it back to her mouth. They gave her a bunch of drugs to sedate her for this and it went smoothly. Now she is exhausted and sleeping, she just opened one eye to make sure I was still here and then dozed back off to sleep.

Yesterday someone told me they admired me for all that I’ve been through. I respectfully disagree. You don’t admire the wounded person stuck in the middle of trouble, you do admire the soldier who leaves the comfort of home to help that person. We’re just stuck in this situation, sometimes we do well, sometimes we don’t. There is nothing to admire here, just keeping our heads above water until deliverance comes.

If you want to admire something, let me give you some suggestions. I admire all the people who are not stuck where we are yet CHOOSE to be involved in our lives. I admire my sister-in-law Linda who takes the kids off our hands every day so we can be at the hospital with Madeline. I admire our parents who come to stay with us and do whatever is needed to care for us.

I admire the kindness and generosity of all our friends from church and elsewhere who give of their resources and their time to help us in whatever way they can. I admire Wayne and Becca who provided thanksgiving dinner with a turkey that we could bring to the nurses and staff of the NICU here. I admire those that have come to clean our house and help out with the kids.

I admire whoever came over last Saturday to give us a Christmas tree and decorate our house inside and out. I admire the nurses and doctors who do such a good job of caring for Madeline and the other babies here at the NICU. I admire all of you who lift us up in prayer every day and without ceasing. I admire ALL of you who, in love, choose to take our burden upon yourselves with the same weight we feel. I admire all of you.

Most of all I admire my Savior and Lord Jesus who has caused all of this to happen by being our example of Love. Thank you all so much again for all that you do. If time never ceased I would still not be able to thank all of you for what you’ve done for us. Please continue to pray for us, and pray for Madeline that someday soon we can go home.

Please pray also for Robert & Carrie, an awesome couple from church who just found out that their first baby has a 2 vessel cord. This is where it all started for us and Madeline. Ninety percent of the time a 2 vessel cord means nothing, but they have seen us go through a lot of trials since we first found out. Pray for them, pray for their new baby, that it will be a perfectly happy and healthy baby when the time comes.

Shanker & Lisa.

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