Monday, December 6, 2010

How you can help the Wiegels!

Hello Friends,

Lisa here, I just wanted to follow up on the email that Shanker sent out the other day. Like he said this race has turned into a very long marathon with no end in sight. Madeline is looking better today then she has in a long time. She actually 5.5 lbs last night. But as you know by now Madeline’s trend is to make one step forward and 3 steps back. As always we continue to pray that she would continue to heal and that God’s glory would be shown through her. She is already quite a little miracle and God has used her story to touch many more lives than you could ever imagine. Thanksgiving arrived the other day and much to my surprise the emotional strain of this situation sky rocketed. Our family felt so incomplete as we indulged in the feast. And then the Christmas music started. . . God has been so good to us and has given us so much strength and peace but , wow, the Christmas season will be yet another challenge. Everyone asks how to help and so often we don’t even know what could possibly ease the strain of this crazy life other than prayer. So first and foremost, please continue to pray. I have also come up with some other ideas if anyone is interested in helping. It is hard and very humbling to continue to be in a position where we need help but here we are and these are some things you could help with:

DECK OUR HALLS!! Saturday, December 4th from 10am – 2pm stop by and help decorate our house. If you have any decorations you want to get rid of you could use them to make our house festive. Some other things that would be nice are a real Christmas tree (we will decorate it), a wreath, someone to hang our lights outside and any other festive d├ęcor. The fall leaves also need to be raked up if anyone needs a good workout. Christmas cookies are always welcome because baking just doesn’t seem to happen.

MEALS Thank you all for the meals you have provided. It helps us to feel somewhat normal and healthy to sit down and eat a home cooked meal. I have an idea to try: Because of our unpredictable schedule I think it might be helpful to have frozen meals on hand. Shanker and I are always bringing leftovers up to the hospital for lunch and dinner so even if you pack up some of your leftovers and freeze them, we would enjoy the variety. Anything I can pull out of the freezer and heat up for the family would also be great. Soups works well. We like to have Steam fresh frozen veggies on hand. I cannot eat dairy, peppers, broccoli, or lots of onions or garlic.
Another idea would be to individually wrap and freeze on the go breakfast foods for me like pumpkin bread or muffins. I eat breakfast in the car every day.

CLEANING SERVICE To help keep the sanity around the house I would like to hire a cleaning service to come in every other week to take care of the grime that builds up in the corners and to give the house a good cleaning. It is imperative that our family stay healthy and a clean house would help. I know this may seem silly, but I will take donations toward this. If anyone knows anyone who might be interested in doing this please let me know. It just needs to be a regular person who can get to know our house and how to do things.

ERRANDS Running errands just doesn’t happen and most places aren’t open around midnight when I have time. It is always worth it to give me a call if you are out and about. I’d like to figure out a good way to get the dry cleaning done.

HOUSEWORK We started a lot of projects that we hoped to get done before Madeline was born, and of course they didn’t get done. Know we have a bunch of half finished projects hanging over our heads. It ranges from tiling the fire place to hanging curtain rods, and helping Shanker and Bill build a roof over our deck which will ultimately lead to us getting a new roof so we won’t have leaks this winter.

STANLEY STEEMER really needs to visit our house.

GAS CARDS We have gone from filling up our cars 2 times a month to 5 times a month. That is a huge expense.

We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. Call me anytime.

Lisa and
Shanker Wiegel

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