Monday, December 20, 2010

Another rough day, more tests.

Dear friends,

Well Madeline certainly has had a rough day today. For the last couple of weeks her baseline heart and respiratory rate have been high with no real explanation. The docs have run all the usual tests and nothing has popped up. Also, lately when Madeline gets worked up, it really takes her a long time to calm down, and usually only with the help of some drugs.

They have changed some vent settings to see if that would help, they turned up her title volume (the size of breath it gives her) as well as the amount of time it gives her the breath (slower bigger breath). The thinking is that maybe if she is worked up and not getting the big breathes she needs, it could be what is affecting her ability to recover.

Today Madeline got really worked up over pooping, and Lisa and Jen (one of Madeline’s primary nurses) tried everything to help her calm down. Still it took over 2 hours. Then right at the end of that, Madeline checked out, just left us. It was only for about 4-5 seconds, but like a light switch she just completely turned off, and then she came back on.

She did this once more a couple moments later, and then she was fine. This really freaked out Lisa and Jen. So now all the doctors are rallied again, and we’re trying to figure out not only what happened today, but what has been happening for the last couple of weeks. Madeline continues to be a tough nut to crack. So far today, I think they have started 15 or 16 tests on her.

For now, she is wiped out and sleeping and her numbers are good. Her heart rate has settled down to 130 (high, but the lowest it’s been in a while) and her sats look good. We are all as tired as she is. Please continue to pray for Madeline, pray that the docs would be able to figure out what’s going on with her and give her the best treatment possible.

Continue to pray for Madeline’s Miracle on Christmas day. It the Lord wills, He will heal her. Pray for Lisa and I, that we can still find ways to enjoy this season with our family. Continue also to pray for Robert and Carrie’s soon-to-be baby, a son, pray for a great pregnancy and healthy child.

Some of you have asked for our address, so here it is:
Shanker & Lisa Wiegel
460 Prairie Ridge Road
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Attached also is the latest picture of Madeline so you can know who you’re praying for. Thank you all again for all that you do to help and support us and Madeline.

Shanker & Lisa

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