Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Dear friends,

Well the meeting with the cardiologist went fine. There wasn’t much new information. It seemed more like she was coming to make sure we understood that there are no surgical options left for Madeline. She said that the condition with her lungs rules her out as a candidate for any surgery, and without surgery her lungs will never improve.

We knew this already. They did an echo yesterday that showed a slight shift in the pressure gradient across her PA band (the band that is restricting blood flow to her lungs). The problem with echo’s is that they’re really imprecise and they only show a moment in time. They won’t say anything until a few echo’s later if they see a trend in a particular direction. Things will either continue in the same direction, or go back to what they were, or turn left.

I asked the cardiologist if she had an idea in her head of what she thought the change in pressure was, what she would be looking for at the next echo. She said that she thought the pressure in her lungs is going up, which could be her lungs getting worse, which would lead to lung failure, followed by heart failure. I guess we’ll see.

Lisa and I asked the cardiologist if Madeline’s lungs were to improve would she then be a candidate for surgery then. She said her lungs would not improve. She kept looking at us and repeating that Madeline has no surgical options every time we asked a question with a hint of hope. I wonder if she was thinking “Poor couple, they are in shock and don’t understand me.”

We understand. We just see things differently. We joked that at least our regular cardiologist had narrowed down Madeline’s options to a miracle or a miracle. So ultimately, the next move is up to Madeline and God. We can only wait and see what happens. The next echo is on Tuesday, the halfway point between now and then is Christmas day.

If I don’t talk to you before, I hope you all have a blessed Christmas day. Please continue to pray for Madeline’s Miracle on Christmas day, this is all I really want for Christmas. By faith I know that God can heal her if He so chooses.

Shanker & Lisa.

p.s. During our whole conversation with the cardiologist Madeline posted her best stats that she has had in over 3 weeks. She was happy and relaxed, I wonder what she knows that I don’t. ;o)

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