Monday, January 3, 2011

Madeline's New Year.

Dear friends,

Happy new year!! I can’t believe how time slips away so fast. Well Madeline has had some wonderful days since Christmas, absolutely amazing! For the first couple of days after Christmas she had high heart rates and a temperature. After 2 days of this they decided to check for infection and within minutes tests came back showing she had nine different kinds of lung infection and a urinary tract infection. Antibiotics started to roll.

As bad as that seems, I was really encouraged. She had a bad lung infection and only had a temp?? Normally this is the kind of thing that could kill her, but she didn’t have any crazy desats and for the most part her numbers stayed good. Two days after starting the antibiotics Madeline was wonderful. Her numbers were the best we’ve ever seen – only 2 days after the antibiotics started!! The nurses were amazed at the quick recovery she’d made.

Madeline’s body seems so much more mature now and able to handle the bumpy roads. The echo hasn’t happened yet because of her infection, but I can’t wait to see how her heart looks. They have even started weaning her off the vent, and she has been able to tolerate the lower settings quite well. I believe that God is listening to our prayers and He let us know that on Christmas day!

Madeline had a good run. The last couple of days have brought slightly higher heart rates and being a little more irritable. I am not sure if she’s getting used to new medications or if it’s the lack of her primary nurses again. She definitely seems to respond to both. They are going to do her echo today, please pray with me for good news for Madeline Grace.

Shanker & Lisa.

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  1. I'm a friend of Kim C's and she's been keeping me up-to-date via the emails you send. I just found your blog and subscribed to it so I can get the updates right away. I am praying for your strength and endurance. May our great heavenly Father comfort you in the way only He can. Love to you because of HIM. ~Mary