Saturday, January 15, 2011

Madeline turns 5!

Dear friends,

Today is Madeline’s birthday! She turns 5 (months that is). I guess she just really got worked up these past few days at the idea of crossing such a milestone in her life. This morning we snuck in up close to her, Lisa, Sara her nurse, and I, and sang her a sweet happy birthday song. She’s still so out of it that she didn’t seem to notice much.

As I reflect on her life thus, I think about the many lives she’s touched and all the accomplishements she’s made, here are some highlights:

At 5 months of age, Madeline already has…

..had a heart rate higher than 300 and lower than 10.
..breathed at greater than 200 breaths per minute and held her breath for a long time.
..soiled 5 diapers in less than 6 minutes.
..brought her parents inexplicable joy and great distress.
..played peek-a-boo with mommy.
..laughed with daddy.
..smiled and wiggled when her sisters come to visit.
..cried when she was sad.
..shared her story with people across the world.
..caused many people to reach out to God in prayer, some for the first time in a long while.
..taught us all to trust in God.

I am so proud of my little girl, she is the toughest person I know. I love spending time with her praying and telling her about all the things I look forward to doing with her as she gets older. I always try to remind her to trust in God, that if she goes, He has a much better place prepared for her, and if she stays God will give her all the strength she needs. Her mom can spend hours just staring at her.

We had a calm night with her. This morning her sodium is really low and she’s started a nose bleed. Hopefully not something to worry too much about, I get them all the time. Your prayers and notes of encouragement have been so powerful to help Lisa and I through this trial. God, through His unending and amazing grace, has been so good to us through these difficult trials.

Celebrate with us, Madeline’s 5 month birthday. If she could make a wish and blow out candles I think I know what it would be. We love you all so much for how you care for us and love Madeline. Thank you all dearly for that.

In His Grace,
Shanker & Lisa.

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