Saturday, January 15, 2011

Madeline went to play with the Angels

Dearest friends,

It is finished. This morning God called Madeline and she did what I had told her to do. She trusted Him, and she followed Him and now she is playing with the Angels in heaven.

I prayed for Madeline when I woke up this morning. I prayed as usual that God would heal her and spare her life. I also prayed that if God should call her to heaven that it be quick and painless. I was thinking of Elijah as I made that prayer. The bible never mentions that Elijah died, he simply went to be with God. That is how it was with Madeline.

Lisa had called me to come down to the room (I had been keeping my distance because of my cold), as I walked into the room everything was calm and peaceful. Everyone who needed to be there for Madeline in her final moments was just outside her room. And then she just left. In a moment everything just stopped and I knew then that Madeline had answered God’s call.

She was tired, she had had a difficult time. She was ready to go. I let everyone know and you all prayed. God’s strength filled us up and carried us through this moment. I asked for wisdom, and God gave it to me. The docs wanted to know if we should keep on going to save her life, and Lisa and I knew they were just working on her body and that she had left, so they stopped.

We got to hold her one last time, without all the wires. I got to really hold my daughter for real the first time, without fear of something pulling out or her sats plummeting. I held her tightly, much more than I would have done before given her condition, and I was able to walk around the room squeezing her close to my chest and kissing her head.

We just stood there for the longest time holding her and praying and praising God for the time we had with her. We praised God for his goodness to us, for the strength that have gave us each step along the way. We praised and thanked God for Jesus who died on the cross for our salvation and that because of Jesus we can be in heaven and see Madeline again.

We asked God to care for her, to lift her up and help her take her first steps. We asked him to keep her until we can see her again when we leave this world and go to heaven. The radio was playing some music that Jen, one of Madeline’s nurses had made for us. It was a song from 3rd Day called Just to be with you. They lyrics at that moment made so much sense:

“Just to be with you I'll do anything,
there's no price I would not pay, no
and just to be with you I would give everything.
I would give my life away.”

Madeline is indeed with God and she gave her life away to be with Him. Now her room is calm and quiet, peace surrounds us on all sides. Lisa and Sara are tenderly caring for Madeline’s body, removing everything from her and giving her a bath and a clean diaper. I don’t know what we’re gonna do now, I don’t know what tomorrow looks like, but I know who holds tomorrow in His hands and I will trust him forever.

Thank you for everything, I will never thank you enough. Lisa wanted Madeline to have a great story that glorified God and for us she has. I would greatly appreciate it if you all share with us how Madeline has touched your life and how Madeline has touched your heart for God. Please share with us this amazing story that is Madeline Grace Wiegel, born August 15th, 2009 and left us to go to heaven on January 15th, 2010.

Amazing grace,
Shanker & Lisa.

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