Thursday, January 6, 2011

Madeline's feeling kinda icky.

Dear friends,

I went to see Madeline tonight after work. I was bummed because I was excited to see her and when I got there she was just completely zonked out. I am so used to coming home and my other 3 girls jump up and down yelling “daddy” that it was hard to see Madeline not nearly so excited to see me.

They have to keep her a little sedated because as she gets older the vent tube becomes a bigger frustration for her, so they have been working to switch her to some different medication. I guess when you do that you start at a higher dose and then work your way back down to the appropriate levels. So this is what left Madeline zonked out.

They finally did her echocardiogram (echo) a couple of days ago, but no official results yet from anyone on that. The tech that did the echo said things didn’t look like they had changed one way or another. I’m still hoping and praying for good results, that’s how I tolerate this so well, keeping optimistic that God would heal Madeline.

Madeline seemed a little uncomfortable tonight, not bad, just like when you have a bad cold and all you want to do is lie in bed and watch TV or sleep – that’s kind of how she was. She was running a fever and her heart rate was high and she was kind of panting more than breathing. All I could think as I watched her try to rest is how she didn’t deserve this, and yet she has no control over it.

Please continue to pray for Madeline tonight, that she starts to feel better again real soon. Pray that the docs can figure out the right medication for her to be on. Pray that God heals her heart and lungs so she can get better and get off the ventilator and come home! They are going to do an ultrasound with dye on her kidneys tomorrow morning, pray that that goes well.

As I left the hospital, I saw a young couple come off the elevator, looking exhausted, probably wondering how they’re possibly gonna make it even a week here. Pray for that couple as you pray for us as well.

Shanker & Lisa.

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