Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crazy couple of days

Well it's been a crazy couple of days. It all started Thursday night when I got a call, "Come to the hospital as fast as you can, call the neighbors so they can watch the kids". I have sent and received over 100 emails in the last 48 hours. I'll try to chronicle here all the quick messages I had opportunities to send out.

Thursday 01/13 7:18pm
"Please pray for Madeline right now, she is really struggling with the vent to breathe. Lisa can't seem to get the right doctors to give Madeline the attention she badly needs. Pray for a rescuer for Madeline."

Thursday 01/13 7:22pm
"Dhondi Wiegel: I just got a TXT from my brother that his 5 month old daughter, Madeline, who has been in NICU since she was born is struggling to breathe. They can't seem to find a doctor either. Will you all take 1 quick minute and pray for a rescue.
Doug Haarer: Lord Jesus help Madeline breathe!
eProf Jim Carder: Yes Dhondi. Let's all pray.
Doug Merriman: Father I ask for a Miracle in Madeline. Lord rain heaven upon earth. Jesus restore her completely
Doug Haarer: send help to her!
Dhondi Wiegel: Guide my brother with Peace and Wisdom Lord, pray that He trusts in you more and more even at this hour. I pray for healing for Madeline.
Tom Toner: Father, help this little one breathe.
eProf Jim Carder: Father. Giver of life and breath. Help Maddy....oh God, breathe new life...send your help from above.
Roger Day: Father you know what is going on with created her and I pray for your healing hand to be upon her and comfort her parents
Ben Bursack: Lord Jesus, send your power to help Madeline.
Shane Lunderville: Lord your healing hands on Madeline, and giver of breathe and life please sustain this little one.
JD Loy: Father we lift up Madeline to You, You are the great physician, put Your healing hands on those who can
Doug Haarer: Lord jesus this is in your hands.
eProf Jim Carder: Give calm to the parents. May your presence fill that place tonight.
Doug Haarer: You are Lord Soverign over this situation!
eProf Jim Carder: Thank you God. In your name, Amen.
Doug Haarer: amen
Roger Day: Amen
Doug Merriman: Amen
Ben Bursack: amen
Tom Toner: amen
JD Loy: Amen
Wagner Castro: amen
Shane Lunderville: Amen
David Grisham: amen
Dhondi Wiegel: amen
Lisa Costa: Amen"

Thursday 01/13 7:46pm
"As you all were praying the ventilator began to detect her breaths better and work better for her. Praise the Lord and keep on praying for baby Madeline."

Thursday 01/13 9:24pm
"Ok everyone, NOW is a great time to pray. My neighbors are watching the kids and I am off to the hospital. Please pray!!"

Thursday 01/13 10:11pm (at the hospital)
"Freaked out!! But looking good. Madeline's blood pressure has plummeted and they are trying to control it. In the background doctors are putting in a pic line. They think that her infection is now in the blood. Surely this one will be tough to beat. Please stay up late and pray with us for Madeline Grace, and for a miracle."

Friday 01/14 12:03am
"Madeline is stable now. All the lines are in. She's on the oscillator vent machine. Her CO2 is back down. She's on 3 different kinds of antibiotic. The red crash cart is parked outside her door and they're cleaning up her room. Now we watch and wait... Thank you for for all your prayers, God has really held us up through this. We'll let you know if anything changes. Sleep well, God's in charge."

Friday 01/14 8:41am
"Made it through the night. Madeline is still knocked out but stable and making small steps forward. Still no results from her blood culture, please keep praying that nothing grows back and that her body is free from infection. Thanks for your prayers and love towards Madeline."

Friday 01/14 11:09am
"Madeline just crashed again, they sort of have her stabilized but don't know what is going on."

Friday 01/14 12:15pm
"Madeline coded again! And she's stable again. With all the action it's getting so hard to stay standing. My legs just keep shaking. Please keep the prayers for Madeline coming."

Friday 01/14 9:35pm
"Well things have been quieter here since 1pm. Madeline is zonked out and stable an her parents are tired and soon to be zonked out as well. Thank you all for lifting us up on prayer through this trial. Praying for a quiet night tonight."

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