Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Moving forward, but no on.

Hello friends,

Well life has been getting settled here. We have all gotten back into our routines, I go to work, and Lisa takes care of the girls. Sometimes Madeline's life can just seem like a dream that you woke up from, but it's also one of those dreams that you desperately want to go back to sleep and keep dreaming about.

Most mornings I cry in the shower. Not a big cry, just a quick one. And I'm glad because everytime I cry, it brings back my memories of Madeline, so sharp and so crisp. Other times I get caught off guard when I smell a smell or hear something that reminds me of my youngest daughter.

We haven't made much headway into working with or creating a local foundation to help families of congenital heart defect (CHD) kids, yet we still have a strong desire to do so. The help that all of you have offered us has been by God's grace the most powerful thing you could have done for us. Everything from encouragement and prayers to practical things like meals and cleaning house, it is all stuff we hope to be able to provide for other families struggling and living at the hospital.

Please continue to pray for us, mostly that God would lead us in a direction that would allow us to help as many as possible and also be able to minister to people with the Gospel of Peace that God freely gives us.

Thank you all for checking back in with us.

Grace, Shanker & Lisa.

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