Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet & Sour

Dear friends,

Today is a mix, both sweet and sour. As I sit in the waiting room typing this email, an aunt sits before me crying and trying to make phone calls to tell family members that Grace is not going to make it while in from the atrium comes beautiful music from a harp and cello. Can you imagine? Crying in front, beautiful music from behind, both ends of emotion swirling in one room.

Your prayers have been effective, and God has been good. At 5pm yesterday, Madeline’s next xray came back with the diagnosis “distended bowel, without pneumatosis”. The doctors aren’t sure about this diagnosis because pneumatosis doesn’t just disappear like that. Some don’t believe it and say it’s still there, others think that maybe it never existed.

I want to rejoice, and yet we’re not out of the woods. Madeline’s intestines are still really dilated and gassy and she’s not moving much through. The surgeons say she’s still at risk for a perforation and are watching her closely. Madeline has had some milestones, her temp is back down to normal, her blood gas is good, she’s back on normal vent settings, and she has pooped twice. Poop is what we’re really excited about!!

We’re still taking it hour by hour with xrays and close observation, we’re lucky we still have her. Please continue to pray for Madeline’s recovery and that she can avoid surgery. Pray also for Grace, that God, if he chooses to, would save her life, if not, pray that God would welcome her in heaven and comfort dearly her family, especially her mom and dad. I will let them know we are all praying for them.

Shanker & Lisa (funny how I always mention her in closing)

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