Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 Big Prayer Requests

2 big prayer requests this morning.

Baby Michael (Kate & Chris’s son whom we met earlier at Childrens) is in the middle of open heart surgery. This surgery was originally planned to be much later but because of his increasing blood pressure they had to move to surgery quickly. The will be fixing a narrowing in his aorta and hopefully fixing the mitral valve. This all means that you should pray, and pray hard for him to have the strength to get through this surgery. Pray for the doctors and his family as well.

Madeline is having a diaphragm study, where they will let her breath on her own and take multiple xrays of her lungs and diaphragm to see how well its working. This is a basic procedure, but given Madeline’s condition, it is now very risky. Madeline had a rough night with two big desats. This time her heart dropped first, followed then by the desat. Cardiologists are now trying to figure out the cause.

Thank you for your prayers, peace be with you.
Shanker & Lisa.

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